What is the difference between Native apps and Hybrid apps for B2B publishers?

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android native apps are well suited for B2B publishers than hybrid flipbooks.

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android native apps are well suited for B2B publishers than hybrid flipbooks.

In 2013-14, hybrid apps started with a low-entry price of $39 per month. In contrast, Media Blender’s Apple native app started in 2011 with a premium price of $3,000 per magazine edition. A decade later, our premium price has come down from $3,000 to today’s super-low price of $199 per magazine edition, and that is a game-changing strategy.

Reasons why B2B publishers continue to use hybrid flipbooks over Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android native apps.

  • Printing publication is the core service of every publisher. Digital publication is not a core business. B2B publishers offer a low-cost hybrid app to their subscribers as a cost-saving exercise to complement each printing edition. Print and digital works hand-in-hand.
  • B2B publishers do not differentiate native apps from hybrid flipbooks as they appear visually similar on desktops, on tablets or on smartphones to an ordinary reader.
  • B2B publishers are unaware that premium native app price is now on price parity with low-cost hybrid app.

The differentiation between B2B and B2C digital publications:

  • B2C publications are generally monthly native app titles. Subscriptions are paid via Apple and Google’s in- app purchase payment system. B2C market constitutes less than 10% of all publication titles.
  • Media Blender targets the broader B2B publishing market segment, which constitutes over 90% of all publication titles. These publications are generally free-to-read titles, and they are produced less frequently –                 Bi-monthly or quarterly.

Why B2B publishers should use Media Blender’s native apps over hybrid flipbooks:

  • To offer your readers a superior native app user experience. Subscribers read their native magazine apps on tablets.
  • Embrace technology. Display the Apple and Google Play badges to promote your magazines in the app stores.
  • What makes Media Blender unique?
    • We are the only publishing provider that allow users, publishers and advertisers to download free of charge any of our free-to-read magazine titles as native apps from App Store or from Google Play.
    • We also allow them instant online access to all of our free-to-read magazine titles as web apps. Web apps are supplied free of charge as a bonus. To view, click on our Magazine Hub.

Our recommendation: Switch to superior native apps. Sign up and provide your magazine PDF file & branding and we do the rest.




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