What is the difference between Apple & Android premium apps versus Hybrid-Flipbook apps for B2B publishers?
How to Start Your Own Native App Magazine in 2021?

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android premium apps are well suited for B2B publishers than hybrid-flipbooks.


Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android native apps are well suited for B2B publishers than hybrid flipbooks.

When Apple reduced its paid subscription commission from 30% down to 15% effective from 1st January 2021, Media Blender followed Apple and has lowered its pricing from $199 down to a standard price of $49 per magazine edition to be on price parity with Hybrid-flipbook pricing.

The differentiation between B2B and B2C digital publications:

  • B2C publications are generally monthly paid subscription The B2C market segment constitutes less than 10% of all publication titles.
  • B2B “free-to-read” publishing market segment constitutes over 90% of all publication titles. This is the mass-market.


Why B2B publishers should use Media Blender’s premium Apple and Android apps:

  • To offer readers and subscribers a superior user experience.
  • Readers identify premium magazines with the prestige of being in the Apple App Store & Google Play.
  • What makes Media Blender unique?
    • Users and publishers can download any of our free-to-read magazine titles as Apple & Android apps directly from the app stores.
    • Users can get instant online access to all of our free-to-read magazine titles as Web apps.
    • To view our magazine samples LIVE, click on our Magazine Hub.


Switch to superior Apple and Android premium apps for just USD $49 per magazine edition. Sign up and provide your magazine PDF files & branding and we do the rest.




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