About Media Blender

Media Blender was founded in April 2011. Media Blender’s software technology team has developed a proprietary publishing platform that caters for small to medium sized magazine publishers operating in the B2B market segment.

Developing native apps are expensive and a barrier to entry into the market. Through on-going innovation and increased automation to drive productivity improvement, Media Blender was the first publishing service provider to reduce our pricing by 80% (Yes, you read that correctly) from USD $950 down to $199 per magazine issue in January 2020.

Native app prices prior to 2018 were “five times” more expensive to produce than Web & Hybrid apps. We brought native app pricing into price parity with web app pricing.

$199 represents about 1% of a print cost edition.

Delivering innovation through simplicity

Media Blender’s new pricing makes native apps affordable. Upgrade your digital publications into native apps and distribute them via the App Stores.

Media Blender offers an ‘all-inclusive one-price multi-platform’ package.