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Media Blender has been producing magazine apps for the Australian & US market since 2011. We offer Native apps (in both iOS & Android) plus free Web apps for about the same price as Web and Hybrid apps!

From January 2020, our pricing has been reduced by 80% (Yes, you read that correctly) from USD $950 per magazine issue down to $199 to be on price parity with Web and Hybrid apps.


Super low native app prices are just the beginning!

If your publications use e-magazines, Hybrid apps or Web apps, changeover your digital magazines to native apps to broaden your readership. It’s now affordable.

Your native apps under your brand name and logo are fully searchable and downloadable via the app stores. Upgrade your magazines to native apps.

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Want to test drive? Download any Media Blender’s free-to-read native magazine apps on your smartphone or tablet from our Magazine Hub. Compare ours with your Hybrid or Web apps and see the visual differences. 

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Native App - Features and Functionality

Our full service includes 2 Native apps and 1 Web app per magazine edition

Your Own Standalone Kiosk- Logos, Titles and Editions

Registration, Approval & Delivery into the App Stores

Fast Downloads

Searchable Magazine Titles in the App Stores

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 3 Page Modes: Whole Page, Fit to Width, Double Pages

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Embedded Advertisements: Slideshow, Video & Web Links

Portrait and Landscape Orientation

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 Fast App Delivery: within 24-48 Hours

Paid Publication Subscription

In-app purchase available for B2C publishers. Please contact

Multimedia – Optional Extras

Video - Overlay item

Additional cost: $10.00 per item

Slideshow - Overlay item

Additional cost: $10.00 per item

Note: Multimedia items such as video and slideshow listed above will incur additional costs. These optional items are generally “not” required for the bulk of B2B “free-to-read” digital magazine titles. If required by publishers, these costs will be added and billed into your invoices for each edition.